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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
An actually sub forum would promote cosplay gathering request, but there is a tone of love for this con.

BTW I'm opening request up for what I should wear on Friday out of what I've already made. I'm think of Merida, Yukio, or Jack as they are warmer costumes to wear.

Also be carrying frust shape candy and Star candy in masons jars and cupcake shaped truffles around on Saturday as I won't be going to D-TAC in December. lol

I have to remind myself to wrap those truffles individually in cellophane the week before going.
Agreed. And I like candy!!!

My brother... for the most part has decided on Skyrim inspired cosplays. I figure that it is a warmer cosplay AND an excuse to wear my awesome fur boots. Faux fur that is but still toasty. Note on that... I have to start that... lots of hand sewing involved.
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