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That was a pretty good read, TykeJack. I wholeheartedly agree that a TFCD shoot should (ideally) be conducted with the same level of professionalism and courtesy as a paid shoot. But the exchange of money is an easily defined demarcation between "business transaction" and "just for fun."

I guess I'm still a bit naive, in that I expect everyone to act like adults and, in general, just be nice. Most of my "real" photography clients are businesses, so it's rare to have a genuinely bad experience. Sometimes I don't get the rate that I want, or I have to do a reshoot on my own time/dime, or I just don't get the contract .. but that's just business. Everyone still acts like adults and we can work together again in the future.

I'm still new enough to the cosplay community that I haven't seen the seamy side that it seems some of you have: the sense of entitlement, or the emotional tantrums, or the unfounded accusations.

So, the issue still stands: There's no avenue for someone to warn others about a poor experience, especially sexual harassment or other egregious misconduct on the part of a photographer. The consensus seems to be "tell the con staff" and "warn your friends." Perhaps the risk of being publicly "outed" would encourage some overly-handsy GWCs to keep their paws to themselves.

The commission reviews section has some pretty specific guidelines on how to write a review, which could certainly be adapted for a photographer/session review.

Anyway, still just playing the other side of the argument. Not really expecting anything to change, nor a reviews thread/forum to actually be sanctioned by the staff. A nice review here and there would feed my ego, but I can build up references without it.
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