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Crossplay make up for pale characters (f to m)

I did look up a few video tutorials on youtube that were wonderful for looking more masculine, but my only issue is the character is very pale (Akihiko from Persona 3). I have some very good quality foundation that will get me that pale, I like to use it for pale characters. But I was wondering if I can still apply the other make up to my "pale" complexion after foundation or if it would look odd. I already knew about the brown eye liner/shades for masculine make up trick. I may have to experiment, but I was wondering if any one had any tips or tricks for me or if they could link me to any thing that would help. I did go through the forums but didn't find quite what I was looking for but did find a few helpful things. Also, I'm a girl and I'm very feminine so I'm a tad concerned about that. I was thinking about just applying foundation and some nude lipstick and nothing else, but I still look very feminine with and with out make up, I could pass for a femmy guy easy. XD I know that the trick is the placement and shades of make up to appear more masculine. Any way, any thing that any would could provide me would be greatly appreciated.

If you need any pics of me just ask, I have some on my coscom but not sure if I have any plain pics with no make up or any thing. It's going to be my first time crossplaying so I'm nervous. I'm already looking into a compression shirt and all that as well. @.@
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