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Originally Posted by LluviaSarcasm View Post
Seriously, you should go for it!
And your figure looks great, I don't even understand where your self doubt is coming from. (Even though it doesn't even have to, to do whatever you want. But it does anyway. So yeah. Thumbs up!)
Thank you very much I do appreciate the feedback ~

Originally Posted by g00dapple View Post
I'm with the person above me. Your body is great! I know it can be hard to see yourself from someone else's point of view, but I think you could pull off all of those cosplays. Just make sure you'll actually feel comfortable when you get to the con. Nothing is worse than working hard on a cosplay just to feel bad in it. You are not chubby

Oh and P.S. there are ways to work around the lack of boobage
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I won't be doing these at a con anytime soon, due to the cold weather haha I wouldn't be comfortable freezing my butt off lol.
And hmm do you know of anything to help? I know there is stuffing but I've only tried it once and it was a closed top I didn't really like the results xD Is there some magic trick I'm missing lol

Originally Posted by Midnight Dawn View Post
Physical appearance should never matter. If you like the character then you should go for it.
I guess that is true, I just feel as though there should be resemblance between the cosplayer and person. I like to be more accurate, I'm a very finicky person haha. That is a good thing to go bye though
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