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Originally Posted by Liliana View Post
~H~: Your White Mage cosplay is so pretty!~ White mages are one of my fav job classes in FF Ohhh which other ones have you thought of doing? Any Red Mages? Black mages? OWO Or wizards? (gosh, I love wizard cosplays, they aren't done enough)
@Liliana: Thank you so much for the kind words! Like you I have a soft spot for the White mages, and have been considering cosplaying as Lenna in her White mage outfit. A wizard would be cool too though.....hmmmm ^_^.

I am blown away by how many FF costumes you have done.....and you've done them all so well *_*. Your gallery is truly inspirational, (and educational)! I don't recognize some of the FF characters you've done (I'm ashamed to say), and will be referencing the FF wiki while I check-out your pics ^_-.

@Celine: What an awesome idea for a cape! Inexpensive too ^_^.

@Zaiten: Good luck with Rosa!

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