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That's the weird thing. Pretty sure the person was a guy because of his deviantart page has pictures of his feet. UHHHHH. Not too sure how to feel about that. But apparently the person is indeed a troll who just goes and harasses people and their photography/art according to the comments on his/her page. Not worth even to bother more than a couple of seconds after we defend for ourselves really. Rather he or she was really jealous or just really thought the picture was photoshopped, it was uncalled for for him to swear, which he did twice. 'whore' and 'bitch'. Like seriously, grow up. :/

Soooo many problems tonight. I will just go ahead and rant about this one too because I haven't truly let it off my chest yet. Hahaha. >>;; (So sorry for the long post that yall about to see, don't worry about reading it, I just needed to write it down!)

On FB, I have this ... uh, let's just say friend... and he is a close friend of my cousin that I'm more or less close to. He and I only met once for like thirty minutes during the Hmong New Years event (always held in a very large place next to the Excel Energy Center, anyways, just a HUGE event). A year around, we had a short conversation there, he then later on adds me as his FB friend the next day or later that night. We haven't talked since. One year later, he starts talking to me because it's that time of the year again. Our Hmong New Year was coming close and it was time to celebrate. He wants to know what if I'm going this year. I told him that I was. Then when it was confirmed, our conversation got really weird. He first asked about life advice, probably for his friend or something. And I told him how it is, conversation is normal. And then suddenly he talks about Kyoto. I go 'eh'? And he thinks I don't know what it is. I just was confused where it came from and how it got there (because people he was JUST talking about wanting to stimulate a situation where a girl friendzones a guy). Our conversation, or his, was all over the place and quickly he called me a dumbass for not knowing what Kyoto was. OBVIOUSLY I knew the city Kyoto and its history, blah blah. He did say later he was just kidding. WHICH I only forgave because I thought I would go ahead and tolerate it for now, thinking it wouldn't happen again. BUT later on, I thought to myself, IS THIS HOW A NORMAL HUMAN BEING TALKS TO ANOTHER EVEN THOUGH THEY JUST TALKED/BARELY KNOW EACH OTHER?! I mean, even if it was a joke, that was totally uncalled for. :/

So days later. I went to the New Years event and he writes in our FB chat when I am online. He instantly wrote to me that I was a 'liar' and that I wasn't at the new years. CLEARLY my FB page had photos of me tagged at the event. AND then he goes to saying that for lying, I should give him my phone call and let him call me. ?!!!!!! LIKE WHAT THE HELL?!!!!!!

It wasn't even a good few minutes later that I realized couldn't tolerate this guy any longer just because he was a friend of my cousin's. :/ There were so much more details that I'm leaving out, BUT he was just overall creepy and pushy. Like, is that how you talk to a person you barely met and talked to? I know he was trying to be friendly and all 'joking'.... BUT I barely know the guy! Even if I'm a friendly person, I'm a shy friendly person. I don't go being all 'best buds' with strangers! D:< Like seriously, he even said I was his good friend and I was all, I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOUUUUU!!!! D;

I really don't think he was a horrible guy. He just really took the wrong approach with the wrong girl. I just really didn't like it. According to him, he talks to a lot of girls (it was somewhere in the conversation of our 'last moments' together) and that I got the wrong person because I was confronting about him being 'creepy' and the fact that he called me a 'dumbass' via joke. He claimed he didn't even call me that and I was going to screenshot it for him since it wasn't that far into our history chat (yeah, we really didn't chat ALL that much). BUT I realized ... 'WHY do I have to prove myself?' It wasn't even that far in our history chat! He was lazy to go and do it himself!

I know people have their own definitions of a creepier or the things that people do that that could be a 'creeper', but I just didn't feel comfortable with this guy talking to me... at all. I didn't think it would have been a good choice to stick around and see what else he had to say or try to make me do and even feel. SO I told him straight up that I was going to unfriend him because he really was just creepy for the reasons I already stated (which he obviously ignored) and blocked him so I wouldn't receive messages from him because it was already getting close to an argument. WHICH I would hate to go to because I don't like drama. :/ Just standing up for myself I don't do. I couldn't stop shaking due to fear and nervousness because I haven't stood up for myself in a long while.

ANYWAYS. I just had to say it here because I don't know. Am I crazy? Did I overact?! All I know was that I didn't really like how he treated me.

Ranting done. 83
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