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Originally Posted by Akahime View Post
ANYWAYS. I just had to say it here because I don't know. Am I crazy? Did I overact?! All I know was that I didn't really like how he treated me.

Ranting done. 83
First I want to say that the event sounds like it was a lot of fun! I've never heard of a New Years event going on like that, bet you had loads of fun.

Secondly, you are never crazy or overreacting when someone makes you uncomfortable or you don't like how you are being treated. EVER. It doesn't matter if it's a stranger, a close friend, a significant other, or family. If you ever feel disrespected or uncomfortable you are never ever 'crazy' or overreacting or 'wrong'. Don't let anyone make you think otherwise.

This guy is a creep who wanted to get some kind of relationship with you and fell into the category of thinking that if you just emotionally abuse a girl she'll fall for you. Yes, that's a thing. This is a legit pick up 'game' that's passed around where guy's will insult women, make them feel awful and all of that because in their belief it will make a girl want to 'prove herself' to him and he'll get what he wants from her through degrading her.

I knew a guy some years ago who was pushy and rude in many similar ways. For example, for Christmas time he asked if we wanted to exchange gifts. I hardly knew him but said sure. He then proceeded to spend days sending me links to ebay auctions of these slinky revealing gaudy clubbing outfits and asking me if I wanted that. I told him that it wasn't my style and I don't dress that way but he'd keep sending me links to these clubbing dresses that barely covered the models ass and shoved half her boobs out of the top. I was getting less and less amused. But he ended up getting me something very thoughtful ( a wood easel with paints) and I was thinking maybe he was just feeling some pressure and was not acting within his real character so I was willing to put aside the previous transgressions after seeing he really put thought into something without his boner being involved.

Then he started showing up at the apartment I lived in with my mother. I wouldn't let him in. Would stand on the porch talking for a while before telling him I had to go. I told him that he can't come over without asking anymore and he asked me right then over an instant messenger program. I told him no, I am busy. He came anyway. Knocked and waited while I ignored him. He later came back online and asked why I didn't answer. That's disrespecting me to a whole new level I did not accept. I tell you NO, I tell you to leave me alone and you completely ignore my wishes? Not acceptable. It's not 'cute'.

Shortly before the final time I spoke with him he sent me one of those cheesy online IQ tests and told me the he bets his score is higher then mine.

Excuse me?
How about no.

He was reacting like a cornered animal because he realized his 'passes' at me where going no where fast and I was getting more and more agitated with him. He figured out that getting me a gift didn't get him ME and he reacted angrily wanting me to 'prove' myself for him.

The guy you where speaking with is a sleaze just like the guy I mentioned above.

You aren't crazy or overreacting. If someone, male or female, makes you feel uncomfortable and mistreated you are never wrong in feeling that way.
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