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Name - Bigwil,Venom or Wil...part of my full name
Gender - Male
Age - 30
Location - Norfolk,VA
Interests - Conventions,Cosplay(have done as much as of late)Cooking,Dancing,Drawing,Tokusatsu(the genre where power rangers came from),photography and video games.
Dislikes - hmm...I'd say negative people and drama..ask me
Personality - quiet,active,laid back,easy going
Anime/manga/cartoons:One piece,gintama,homestuck,adventure time,south park,metalocalypse,beelzebub,soul eater,fairy tail,toriko,JoJo's Bizarre adventure(ORA!),History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi..etc
Looking for - Friends/Con friends(since I go to quite a few) and a nice long term relationship would be nice.

Taking Pitures,check'em out!...wanna shoot,pm here or there

Cosplays:Serious Bizness Kabuki,Various civilian Kamen Rider and Sentai and AbareRed(Abarangers/Dino thunder)
Upcomin' projects:
Cons 2017
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