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Originally Posted by nathancarter View Post
So, the issue still stands: There's no avenue for someone to warn others about a poor experience, especially sexual harassment or other egregious misconduct on the part of a photographer. The consensus seems to be "tell the con staff" and "warn your friends." Perhaps the risk of being publicly "outed" would encourage some overly-handsy GWCs to keep their paws to themselves.
Most people find photographers through word of mouth, that is: friends, friends of friends, people who friends can vouch for, and so on. Word gets around and this system works reasonably well already; people will honestly only choose to use the public reviews to find a photographer (or even pay for a photographer) in the absence of these things. It's still a special case of a special case. And purely theoretical but if you allowed reviews in this sense (shoots where money is not exchanged) then it just becomes a huge online popularity contest... who can get the most friends to post the most positive reviews not to mention shouting down anyone who says anything negative.

If TFCD (time for CD?) is between total strangers, you have to assume nothing and follow all the standard rules for meeting people from online. Several I know have had bad experiences with this type of thing... I honestly can't recommend it.

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