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Suisei Seki hair drills

I've gotten my hair close to it before but not exactly, though it was close enough.

You're going to need BIIIIG curlers. I've tried it with the rags and t didn't work as well. Most beauty supply stores carry the jumbo curlers. You'll also need a gentle styling gel that will dry, or a styling mousse that still leaves your hair fairly soft. Also be sure to shower and let your hair COMPLETELY dry.

1. Brush your hair from your forehead back. Do NOT brush starting from the top of your head and going down. If you don't brush going from your forehead back, you'll end up with curls coming from the side of your head rather than from behind.

2. Divide your hair in half from your forehead to the back of your head. Take the side you aren't working with and carefully put it in a scrunchy. Carefully brush out the ends of the side you're working with and work in the mousse, gently running your fingers through your hair and then giving it a few combs/brushes.

2. Take the jumbo curler, starting at the bottom of the curler, slowly wrap your hair flat around the curler, each wrap going slightly higher than the first row until you're a little higher than you want the curl to start. Close the curler.

Repeat step 2 for the other side.

3. Allow your hair to sit for a few hours like this. You want the mousse to dry like this.

When it's done gently pull the curler out by pulling down to gently unwind it. With any luck it set right!

I hope it comes out right for you like it did for me. Just practice and play with it. Just be sure your hair is clean when you do it, though. It works better that way. If it works let me know! Or if it doesn't and you find something better, let me know, too! I'd love to hear what you did differently. ^_^
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