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Wow, I didn't realize so many people had issues with them. I've made NUMEROUS orders with them and almost all have gone perfectly.
This isn't in proper review format, but there's too much to do that; it's already very long. Split into 2 posts long.


"Vocaloid Hatsune Miku 120CM Cosplay Wig (Emerald)"- One item of the two I got in my first order with them. Was shipped out after only a couple days, and arrived to Canada in about a week and a half- overall, VERY fast. This was with normal shipping. Picked the wig up from the post office, and put it in my vehicle. I'll admit; I threw both of the envelopes onto the floor of the passengers side, and left it in my cold vehicle for a few hours while I was at work. Still, when I opened the (still completely undamaged) envelope, the wig was in PERFECT condition. This was a long wig- I'm only about 5'5, so the pigtails went to almost my ankles. And yet, NO tangles whatsoever. Soft and thick as well. A perfect wig. Sadly, being my first wig, I did not understand proper wig care, so it did not last a great deal of time unu (Ordered in 2011)

"Vocaloid Kagamine Rin Hard-R.K.mix Cosplay Wig"- Second item of the order. Also poorly treated by myself, but due to being a short wig, is still in perfect condition to this day. Another soft, thick wig that was wonderful. Does need trimming once you get it, but nothing huge. (2011 order)

"Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Love Is War Cosplay Costume"- Second order, third item. Emailed Venus about this beforehand, explaining that I needed it for Halloween; was this possible? I received an email back a day and a half later saying yes, if I ordered right away. Placed my order immediately (my account history says September 11th, 2011). It was shipped on the 24th, and I received it exactly a month after that date; almost three weeks before my deadline. This was with custom sizing. Costume was perfect, exactly as shown. Only issues were that the belt on the waist didn't quite fit as shown, and the skirt was hard to slip shut, but I suspect that was due to my measuring bad. Since this was my error, it was not their fault (this is something that irks me in reviews; "It would be five stars/ an A but it was too small because I measured wrong". Well that's your own fault then! They can't know that!). (2011 Order)

"Vocaloid Megurine Luka 80CM Cosplay Wig"- Third order, fourth item. A gorgeous wig. Exactly as shown. It's a bit thinner, but it isn't noticeable, and makes it lighter. I wore it three days straight and couldn't tell the difference from my normal hair, which is fairly short (above my shoulders). VERY soft, and it has lasted a LOT of abuse (three days at a splash park with minimum combing between days, and it still looks fantastic after a wash. Bit frizzed at the ends, but my fault, and nothing I can't fix). Shipping details on next item

"Vocaloid Megurine Luka Project Diva Kimono Cosplay Costume"- Third order, fifth item. This costume is exactly as shown, and is STUNNING. It looks gorgeous. They also cleverly hid two ties on the 'shirt' under where the bow goes, so you can tie it tight, and not worry about your boobs falling out, and they are hidden once you put the bow around the waist- VERY cleverly done, in my opinion. The details are stunning on it as well- the flowers on the skirt bottom are each individual beads (by that, I mean each PETAL is it's own bead), and same with on the ends of the sleeves, and the bow details are painted on. It also comes with boot covers, so you can use your own shoes with this costume and save on buying their shoes. This costume blew me away with all the details and care.
I ordered it at the New Year, and told them I had no exact deadline; if I could have it by the end of May, that would work fine for me, and there was no rush. My order was shipped (with the wig) on April 19th; however, I received an email two days before asking for my phone number, because Canada Customs needs it for EMS shipping. They upgraded my shipping to EMS, for FREE. I thought that was wonderful of them, myself. Arrived a week and a half later- a day before my cosplay group's photoshoot as well, luckily enough, so I got to wear a brand new costume to it.

"Silver White Medium Crimp Cosplay Wig (60CM)"- Item 7. GORGEOUS wig. I did notice it was thinner than my other wigs, but again, once styled, unnoticeable, and comfortable as my other wigs. Exactly the colour shown, which is rare with white/silver/grey wigs. Ordered with previous item.


"Okami Amaterasu Personified Cosplay Costume"- Order four, item six. Another costume with some great details, and overall, fabulous. I did, however, have a couple issues with this one that were not of my own fault. Since it was a strapless dress, I put my bust size about 4CM UNDER what it actually is, and did so with my waist and hip measurements and well. I wanted it to it tighter to prevent a slip, and I was hoping to lose a bit of weight before my convention. Which didn't happen; I actually put ON a couple pounds. Whoops.
Alas, upon arriving, it didn't fit properly. No, it was not too small. It was too LARGE. It hung a bit in the chest/waist area, and didn't stay on it's own. Uh-oh. Fortunately, there were strap holders sewn in- so you could put a pair of clear bra straps on it. Unfortunately, the hooks of every strap I tried slipped out. Make sure you order this a bit smaller to ensure it fits properly! Otherwise, GREAT costume. Again, emailed beforehand to see if I could get it on time; my deadline was to have it for August 3rd. Was told, go ahead, it will be fine. Ordered on July 13th. Was shipped on the 24th, arrived the day before my deadline, I believe.

Next post; the bad.
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