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Monster High Character Wigs

Here are some ideas on wig for you ladies for adult size wigs.

You could add more pink wefts if you wanted.

Lagoona Blue
Or blending two curly wigs together in her two shades

Ghoulia Yelps (seen this one used for her and what started me looking for it. )

Abbey Bominable
Option 1
and adding pink and purple stripes.
Option 2
Start with a white wig and hand colour in all those blue purple and pink stripes.

Rochelle Goyle
Start wig a pink base wig with bangs and sew in her turquoise blue stripes.

Robecca Steam
Start with a bangless curly black wig and sew in some curly blue wefts.
Steam the curls to soften to waves one your done.

C.A. Cupid
In bubblegum shade
You can hand colour with sharper some darker pink stripes.
Or this one trimmed in Rose Pink.

Toralei Stripe
Start with a bob wig in the her base style wig. Style of bangs solid with hair spray.
Use acrylic paint to add her light brown shade and black stripe to her bangs.

In Pumpkin
In Warm Light Brown
In Dark Copper Red

Long silver/white wig and use black sharpie to draw in her stripes or arylic paint
Need to straighten this one.

Long black wig, sew in a white wefts, and use black sharpir to draw in her stripes or acrylic paint on the white part.
Need to straighten this one.

Howleen Wolf
Pull back ponytail base lace front wig into a ponytail and adding curls to it and pinning up top.
In Pumpkin

Jackson Jekyll
Strat with a boys cut short wig and add strecks to the underside of the wig.
Need to trim bangs
Yellow or blonde Wefts

Holt Hyde
Star witha lace front wig in either red or onage. Sew ornage and yellow streske into the red with or Red and yellow stresk into the orange wig and spike it up.
Punkin (orange)
Cherry Red

Nefera de Nile
Start with a teal up do with and add black and golden blonde streaks of hair.

In Teal
Wefts in Black and Light Blonde (has a gold tone to this shade)

Cleo de Nile
Start with a long dark brown with and add black and golden blonde streaks of hair.

In Natural Black (needs to straighten)
Wefts in Black and Light Blonde (has a gold tone to this shade)

She has shorter hair then her character design in the dolls and animated.
This wig in Apple red would made a nice base that you can add to her bangs and side rolls
Weft in Apple red and black

Spectra Vondergeist
Because her wig is really two tone you will need to stack two base wigs.

Base wig in Royal Purple

Stacked with Ice Purple or Ice Blue wig or sew in wefted Extensions on the underside and add some top streaks.

And sew in come Classic Purple or Lux Purple Streaks from one pack of wefts.

Clawd Wolf
You would need to style a Cady or Marty wig in Mahogany, Dark Brown or Natural black (depending on your skin tone)

Heath Burns
Style this wigs in Cheery red and add some Pumpkin wefts for streaks.

Scarah Screams
Alrhtough the style is a 60' page/beehive was popular it's hard to find now.

Invisi Billy
Either the Hansel or Jaguar in the Raven shade.

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood
This wig in black with a little hair product and ass some purple streaks.
Grape or Ultraviolet Redux (once available)

Lilith Van Hellscream
Her hair is a pompadour style that has been flatted at the top.
Another option for her.

Skelita Calaveras
She has long black hair with a bump in the back. You can make the bump by carving foam into that shape (paint it black) or making a pillow that shape in black fabric . Then sewing it to the base of the with then layer the hair over it.

Base wigs with no bangs in Black

Sewing in orange streaks in Pumpkin.

Then curl her side hair.

Jinafire Long
Her hair is green with 40% black streaks in it. But true Black is impossible to dye.
Her left side of her face hac her hair bulled back. You will need to fake that hair line with sewing wefts under the hairline of the wig and pulling back over the wig.

Also her topnot/bun should be made as a separate piece and sew to the wig. You carve the shape you need then fallow these instructions.

A wig with no bangs in either Emerald Green or Light Green

Black wefts, Emerald Green or Light Green wefts for streaks and bun and side hiar styed back.

Catrine DeMew
The curls would need to be added in to one of these purple wigs with long or no bangs.
add some hot pink streaks.

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