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Originally Posted by CirqueDuFolie View Post
Most are doing Naruto characters all three days, some a different character each day. Our Naruto will be the Four-Tails on Saturday, but changing into a suit later for the Moonlight Ball. :33
Peronsally, I'll be Kushina on just the Sunday. ^^
As it turns out, we may also have a Madara with us. Hopefully. :')
So many costumes is awesome. I cannot wait to see all of this (I really need to catch up on my reading so I'll actually know more of what's going on XD)

Originally Posted by xsailorsam View Post
As I'm sure there will be many multiples of every character,
I'll be bringing along Hinata Hyuga! In her regular Shippuden outfit, and possibly RTN as well depending on how things plan out.
Whenever I think multiples of every character all I can think of is kage bunsin (probably butchered that spelling and everything horribly...) which is awesome. The more the merrier in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Roxas-13 View Post
Okay, I have decided my character. Heaven'sLock suggested it, and I think it's gonna be fun. Plus, the design already exists, so it won't be too hard.

Lock me in as . . . . . . ITACHI UCHIHA!! ^^
YES. YES. JUST YES. Brotherly love (not in the incest fashion

Seriously can't believe I didn't think of that myself. I am ashamed at myself. Super excited for this

Also where are you guys located so that we can discuss maybe shopping for fabric and what not in the new year together. Just PM me when you have a chance. No rush (not yet anyways...)
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