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Yeah, that sounds cheap enough. Last time I checked.... I don't remember the last time I checked but I think that should be enough to make a decent holster! We could check online for a decent priced white pleather stuff. I have never really worked with Pleather/leather before in sewing so I have not the slightest clue on what to do with it.

Well worth it. I met Homestucks in NYC, and learned how to skate somewhat. Not to mention I put Nic Cage faces all over the city. Only downside is, I still haven't had my big rips healed yet haha.

High school senior here, so I am stuck to the 7 20 to 13 58 bell schedual. Luckily though I can leave at 13 14

Yeah, I mean I wouldn't do the greatest up on stage for a skit thing, but I have read guides and it says to pre-record your skit and edit the audio at home. And I believe that one of my friends has some good recording hardware. I have a headset though if he can't do anything. And I can always steal a laptop from someone. IT would be pretty cool to get free tickets to AN, then all I would have to worry about is Boarding, I would probably reuse the same costumes to be honest.
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