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LOL Which pictures of him did you put up? if I see any random Nicholas Cage pictures around the city, I'll know where they are from.

To be honest, I'm not that experienced either, all I did was make a pouch bag and all I got from that was that silicone glue is not that resistant to it. I was googling white holsters and all I got was cowboy stuff.

Where are all these Homestucks in NYC I don't know about? The meet-ups I see on the internet are always in California or something. , I hope you feel better after all that skating. Are you sure you don't have any skillz yet?

Your teachers let you leave early? Enjoy your senior year by the way! and take a lot of pictures because I payed for my yearbook and stuff, and I only appeared there twice.

What do you mean by "boarding"? I can lend you my laptop, but it's so slow ... so stealing it is. Do you want to make a funny skit or like a dramatic one?

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