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I put the [S] Karkat Mental Breakdown "Boner" Nic cage face all over the city. But this was back on the 17th. So a long time ago. Most of them should be down by now. We did put up 50+ on the seats in front of us on the train ride home. And most of them are in Penn Station. (Got the Idea from my friends in school, lately we have been sticking Nigel Thornberry heads all over the school, not a lot of people know that we are doing it. We get people saying how great and funny it is, and it makes us so happy.)

So I guess pleather holsters shall be an experience for all of us! I mean, I have tanned leaher before, but that's about it. They have a Facebook group they are in. I am in one of them, but I didn't go skating with that group. I went with a different one, need to find out thier group name though. They were more situated in NYC rather than LI though.

I havn't got dem mad skeelz yet son, but I do absolutely love skating. One day I might want to learn figure skating. I hear it is a lot of fun. It's like ballroom on ice apparently, and I know ballroom so yeah.

I have my 9th period off, so I can leave whenever I want then. Usually I just do some homework in there though. Actually there will be a picture of me wearing my Terezi horns on a school bulletin board for the seniors, because I wore my TZ horns for spirit week, and People took pictures haha (class color is orange.)

Boarding as in preferably a hotel. AnimeNext is in New jersey I believe, but taking three trains just to get there sure is a pain in the ass, and the wallet. Much more efficient I think to share a room with some people.

OUr Yosuke and Akihiko have decent laptops we can use. I mean, we could do a micture of both but first we got to find out who will be in it, what we will "Do", and the rules and time limits. I was thinking more of a "Funny" P4A thing but eh, I don't know.
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