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Oooooh. Man I love next-gen video games where you can SEE THE SEAMS! /loves on

It also looks like she has a center back seam, possibly. You're already going to have to alter the yoke to have the point but that shouldn't be too hard. I'd say start with the Butterick pattern - go pick up a copy in the store if you can, look at the envelope, read their suggested sizes compared to measurements, and see if it'll fit you or you can mod it to fit. Honestly, with commercial patterns, their numbers do not correspond to in-store "sizes" and sometimes a pattern may tell you that cutting the "18" will give you a shirt that fits your measurements, but the pattern could run small or large. When I'm actually using patterns, I like to take out the instruction sheet from the envelope and read it before I purchase it, to make sure it WILL do what I want. Butterick is not terrible - their instructions actually make sense. But their sizes bear no resemblance to reality.
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