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Everything has been updated ^^ And congrat on everyone making progress...which is SO not my case right now xD

Otherwise... POLL NOW OPEN!
Aka when do you plan to attend the photoshoot (can chose more than one day)? I'm adding this poll until January 7th to figure out if there should be a photoshoot each day (friday, saturday and sunday) or not. After this poll is ended I shall replace it for one asking about the time for each day ^^ ...and I know, once you vote the poll results look GIGANTIC...but I can't do anything about that ^^;

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Faris(FF5/Theatrym IOS) || Gakupo(Voc.Venomania) || Ryuuki(Sai.Mon.) || Viera White Mage(FFTA2)
2015 cosplay:
Caterina(TB) || Dragoon-Elezen(FF14) || Elsa(Frozen) || Elsa-Sith version(Frozen) || Merlwyb(FF14) || Seymour(FF10)
Future cosplay (2016):
Firion(FF2/DFF) || Mateus(FF12) || Mü(Saint Seiya) || Rutela(Zelda:TP)
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