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I was going to ask you if you put that picture because it would be perfect. You guys should put a picture where you are all putting the stickers somewhere, and then put it on the yearbook. And everyone would be like "omg they were the ones" Did anyone recognize your Terezi horns? How many Homestuck cosplays have you done?

That's very cool. I would like to know, I mean I live in NYC myself.

You got dem ballroom skeelz so yeah why not. And I agree, figure skating is so beautiful. I wish I had involved myself in these hobbies as a child.

Ohhh! That's what it is. Man three trains is so much, but NJ is closer than most states with good conventions, thank goodness. Do you know anyone in the area of NJ?

Hmm, well, do you know how early we have to apply to be in the masquerade? We could plan ahead and stuff but I know in Anime Boston you have to apply in their website. I honestly have no ideas on me right now, maybe they will come up some day. Maybe.

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