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Yeah, it actually scared some of the homestucks who hated him and thought he was disgusting. Nic Cage is a beautiful creature though, so I don't mind it. Oh god, that could end both great and horrible, as some of the staff are starting to get pissed at all of the Nigels around the school. We took a few days to break, just so tensions would be lower. NOBODY recognized my horns, except for my close friends who either have read through all of it (only 1 friend), OR have heard about it from me (Most of my friends.) It really is sad.

Hm, I dunno if it is allowed to post like facebook groups in here, because I dunno if you need to be invited or not.

I know one guy in college from the interwebs who lives in NJ, and a chick who's parents are p strict, so I would have no luck staying with either haha. Hopefully I can get something.

That I don't know. I will check the website when I get the chance, which should be relatively soon. I am trying to get in contact with our Akihiko on skype/steam so I can see what Ideas he has, as we talked a bit about it before in school, but they were ehh ideas if you asked me. Didn't really include a spectra of characters.

**Just checked the site, so far nothing for the cosplay contest, and other stuff. I don't know if the masquerade ball is 18+ though, so I know me and a few others still are unable to do 18+ panels. (Summer birthdays)**

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