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Originally Posted by LluviaSarcasm View Post
Tips for addig boobage you ask?
My secret would be layering bras.
One time for a cosplay, I wore 4 of mine and one from my friend (which fit over them completely effortlessly, even though it was from when she was like...13 or something >_>) and it really made a difference while still looking natural.
I actually did some research after I heard there were ways and I found some great ways, and that was one of them amazing results

Originally Posted by HelloKittyQueen View Post
You have a great body. Trust me, at an anime convention remember that THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEONE WORSE. Seriously, I've seen girls eight times your size going as Yoko from Gurren Lagann or Black Rock Shooter. You have a very good body, trust me, and you have wonderful legs. If you're short, they make up for it. In your photo you look nice and statuesque.

As for breast size, if it bothers you, all you would need is a padded bra.

You could easily pull off that cosplay, but just remember that you need to be comfortable If the cosplay is going to make you feel self conscious or weird, then maybe you should try something else. But take our word for it, you're completely fine! You have a great body!
Okay thank you so much I know I've seen some girls that have worn costumes like yoko. thank you again
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