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Zero Mask Molding Help

Ok so i plan to make a Zero mask from Code Geass, but the last time i attempted this i used paper mache (since i dont have access to fiberglass and ive never used fiberglass before) which was a failure because the mask started warp out of shape. So this time i want to use molding clay but i've never used molding clay before so i need to know a few things:

1. What's a good molding clay i could use?
2. Will i need apply anything else besides molding clay to it?
3. Will molding clay make the mask nice and smooth like i want it to be?
4. Should i apply it to the inside of the mask as well?
5. If i apply it to the inside of the mask will i be able to glue an acrylic dome to the inside of the mask for the visor?
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