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HOMESTUCK 2013 (New management, new thread)

Since the OP of the old thread is no longer managing the gathering for this year, a new one has been made to record RSVPs, and the date, time, and location.

The information being submitted to the official listing is Saturday, Day 2, for 2 pm at the Patio (outside the ballroom level).

There will be no gathering-sanctioned pairing/shipping shots; this is to streamline on time as much as possible. If you'd like to do shipping shots, do them after the gathering and be mindful that another series is holding a gathering at 3 pm, so a last call for homestucks to somewhat clear the main gathering area will be made at that time.

Please RSVP to this thread with who you will be cosplaying (even if you replied to the old on) or send me an ask at


Attendees: (groupings are not the photo list, but included for the sake of organization)

Beta Kids:
Crimsoncosplays via tumblr (Jade Harley)
Cecilia via tumblr (Rose Lalonde)
Jude Harley (Rose Lalonde)
hachiko27 (Rose Lalonde)
tweekPOP and friends (Militarystuck Beta Kids, x4)
Resident-chick (Dead Shuffle Jade Harley)
Discoveringdaniel via tumblr (Vriska John Egbert)
Jakenog via tumblr (God Tier Dave Strider)
Megalovriska via tumblr (God Tier Jade Harley)
Chimera~moon's friend (Swimstuck Jade Harley)
Snizabelle (seifuku Rose Lalonde)
Snizabelle's friend (seifuku Jade Harley)
Lilyheiwajimaa via tumblr (Dead Shuffle Jade Harley)

Alpha Kids:
Kelzone via tumblr (God Tier Roxy Lalonde)
Chaye (Jake English)
tweekpop's friend (Jake English)
Rainicorn (Roxy Lalonde)
Morizuka (Dirk Strider)
Chimera~Moon's friend (Swimstuck Jane Crocker)
smilestyle (Jake English)
ZephyrEclipse (Jake English, Act6/act4 vest version)

Beta Trolls:
Megumiovvo via tumblr (Gamzee Makara)
ladyAntagonist (trickster Vriska Serket)
ladyAntagonist friend 1 (trickster Eridan Ampora)
ladyAntagonist friend 2 (trickster Karkat Vantas)
diagon-aly (Kanaya Maryam)
Samanthachan18 (Kanaya Maryam)
Seismogenic (Karkat Vantas)
Seismogenic's friend (Kanaya Maryam)
Deadlywings (Dragonsuit Terezi Pyrope)
Deadlywing's friend (Karkat Vantas)
Officialfurby via tumblr (Roboarm Vriska Serket)
Letsdospago via tumblr (Sollux Captor)
Landofleavesandfandom via tumblr (Nepeta Leijon)
k2w2 (God Tier Aradia Megido)
Chimera~Moon (Swimstuck Terezi Pyrope)
DissuSuteffu (Rule 63 Dead Aradia Megido)

Alpha Trolls:
Admantius (Cronus Ampora)
SabienStrange (Meenah Peixes)
Sabien's lovely lady (Cronus Ampora)
Matsuda Tota (Horuss Zahhak, tentative)
Lissyfishy (Mituna Captor)
Lissyfishy's friend (Latula Pyrope)
Gil-Gil (Hamlet Kurloz Makara)
Youcutoffheads via tumblr (Porrimmaryam)
Gaoth (Rule 63 Porrim Maryam, or Kankri Vantas)
ocdturtle (Meulin Leijon)
Nutellasloth via tumblr (Latula Pyrope)
Xeia DeVertrude (Meenah Peixes)

Gil-Gil's father (Grand Highblood)
xxbite (Summoner)
xxbite's friend 1 (Mindfang)
xxbite's friend 2 (Condesce)

Cherubs, Lord English:

Guardians, First Guardians:
Wobniar (Mom)

Carapaces, Felt:
celiex3 (Bec PM)
rmtakesover's boyfriend (Wayward Vagabond)

Mittromany via tumblr (Guidestuck Jaspers)

If you would like to hold an independent gathering on one of the other days, I would highly advise you reconsider in light of the fact that even other large fandoms limit themselves to a single gathering. Even if it is small and informal, be mindful of other registered gatherings of any series regardless of size, and remember that the Pool Deck is a badge-checked area this year.

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