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Yeah, looks like they NAILED Vergil. His face is still ugly as sin, but then again he has to have the same model as Dante. His gameplay looks how Vergil should, and I actually might get excited to play as him. And yeah, his costume looks very appropriate, instantly making me think of Gilver mixed with the Vergil we all know. Classy and Stylish (except the duct tape armband...)

As for the demo... (gonna copy+paste what I posted on FB)

Feels terrible. Noticeable framerate issues in the first cutscene, and the gameplay doesn't feel like DMC should at all.

No lock-on button is a huge irritation, as I'll try and do a launching attack the way I'm used to, and will just swing at the air behind me. Because now, there's a dedicated button for launch attack. Lock-on was a way to get some focus, and I f
eel totally lost without it. It has been in EVERY DMC before, even 2 knew how important it was.

Switching between weapons feels very awkward when trying to mix grappling with attacking, and I often wind up rapidly grappling when I'm trying to attack, due to force of habit. Also, the gun button becomes grapple when switched to different weapons, which makes using the guns very confusing to even use (again, I'll often throw out a few grapple moves before remembering that I can't SHOOT with a different weapon equipped).

Also, dubstep boss fight music. Seriously?

So, I'm still trying to give this game a chance, as everyone points out that it's the gameplay that matters, but....trying the demo, I fucking HATE the gameplay so far. This is NOT Devil May Cry.

Played it again and noticed the secret missions. The inception-style environments look awesome as fuck, so that's one thing that I like. But one of the missions had NO MUSIC, and after the first battle in the demo, the music is bland and forgetful from then on (until the boss fight starts its WUB WUB WUBing). Oh, and again, emphasis on air combat can go to hell.
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