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Hey there everyone. I'm working on a Megurine Luka Cosplay, and my plan for boot covers didn't work out, so I've been looking around to buy some.

The best ones I've found in terms of accuracy and such are on this site, here:
And not only are they accurate looking, but I can get them custom made to my measurements.

Their contact page seems alright, things are written out reasonably and suggest that they know what they're doing, even with photographed tutorials of how to take your measurements in the proper way for shoes, and so on. Their return policy also seems decent. However, I'm always weary of new web sites online, and in the tab on my browser it's labeled "Discount China Vocaloid.." I've bought from China before and it turned out alright, but I really think it depends on who's selling.

I would like to know if any of you have bought from here, or at least if you would be willing to risk it for something you needed for a costume. Does this site look credible to you?

Thanks for reading,

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