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Post oop, my mistake

Name: Kenji (for now)
Where I am: San Francisco Bay Area, CA
My Age: 22
Gender: Male
Looking for: A nice female to get to know better (around my age) OR just friends. (Unfortunately, I am not seeking any long distance relationships.)
Free Time Antics: Guitar practice, tutoring, practicing foreign languages, taking a walk out in nature, sleeping in, ROADTRIPS, learning to Cosplay.
Likes: Upbeat individuals, late night phone calls, volunteering, hot cocoa, cats AND dogs.
Dislikes:Gossip or drama, overall negativity, reality TV.

Please don't be shy and send me a message so we can get acquainted. If anyone is going to SacAnime Jan 4-6 let me know too!
~Rejoice in the simple things~
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