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tipsd9video :: Sorry for the late reply! I'm really enjoying the show so far. You should definitely check it out~ ;3

There haven't been too many fighting sequences in the series but I'll do my best to look over them before ALA. In fact, I don't recall seeing "Dark Flame Master" fighting at all. As for Rikka's weapons, she doesn't really use a sword per se. Her umbrella becomes this weird... giant... thing. I wouldn't really expect you to replicate her giant weapon since I'd imagine that would take hours upon hours of work. o__o ;;

And thank you! Aoki Lapis is one of my favorite vocaloids as well~ I'm planning on cosplaying as Merli too at AX. ^^

cloudyheaven :: Oh yay more Chuunibyou cosplayers~ I was wondering if I'll run into others at ALA. :DD
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