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In some ways I'm super ready for SC. Haha.. but in others.. noooot so much.
The hotel plans were taken care of months ago and my ticket has been bought for all 3 days. Can't wait for a weekend in Seattle, off work, with my friends. <3

I had some bad luck getting what I though was going to be my wig for my Tsubaki (soul eater) cosplay, so I have to get a new one. So glad I have time. Other than the wig and the fact that I want to re-do her belt, the cosplay is finished. I'm very very happy with how the dress came out; it's hand made, without a pattern, and is surprisingly warm and comfy. ^w^

My other cosplay in the works is Megurine Luka (Vocaloid 2) I still have to make most of it honestly. Tried making boot covers and it failed. The only thing done is the skirt, and the wig I ordered.

Other than that I also am hoping to come up with something for Emerald City Comicon; either Arkham City Harley Quinn or Daenerys Targareon a.k.a Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. But neither are started so I'm not sure.. ^^"
I think I'll just finish what I have and find out. @.@" lol

At least there's a ton to do to pass the time! >w<
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