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Originally Posted by Penlowe View Post
I would hand wash before trying either of those methods if you already wore the garments, baking in body oils & sweat won't help.

Time won't help in the freezer if it isn't cold enough (most home freezers are around 30 you'll have to turn it down below that), they just go dormant when cold, they have to be frozen through to be killed. If your freezer is "frostless" (i.e. does not require being emptied & ice removed at least once a year) then the cold technique will not work. Frostless freezers actually warm up above freezing for short periods every day- this is what prevents ice from building up.

Hand washing afterwords whichever treatment you succeed at will still benefit, because dead bits should be washed out.

This topic has taken a different turn, you didn't state a bug issue in the original post. Crap happens, something like bedbugs sucks but you MUST tell the seller if the items came with them, it's a matter of public health (although I suspect you already did and thus the issues). Technically speaking, it should be reported to the municipal authorities in their area, if you are sure the critters came with the garment. On the other hand, if you didn't discover the problem until you were at or after a con and being in a hotel for a weekend, there is no guarantee that they were not picked up there. The hotel should be alerted and it's municipal authorities too.

I'm terribly sorry for the whole mess, it isn't something I'd wish on anyone. It also isn't deliberate on the part of the seller, you have to keep that in mind too.
If the op is talking about bed bugs and not just germs, I agree a home freezer will not do it.

By the way, if there are bedbugs in your home, you are unlikely to be able to get rid of them without a professional exterminator who specializes in it. Don't assume that they are trapped in the garment bag. They can get through very small cracks and openings.

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