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My 2005 cosplay year has the most Poor quality wigs I've ever worked with that wasn't el chepo halowwen wigs.

My Satella one could not be saved after 1 days use even with it tied in the back!

My Tsunade wig was just poor quality in general. Bot with where $40 plus shipping and taxes as I bought them from Canadian sellers. >_< the both where trashed taking them home. >_<

My most frustrating experience was Jacks braid for styling.

When I first started him 2 years ago Arda long clip one where so insanely dense that I was ruining them trying braid/take out weft to sew. I ruin 3 of them before getting the 4th one right. Thankfully I was able to Savage 2 of them for short wefts on to other projects. They also made the long clip one less dense before I I don't have the same issue working with them now.

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