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Best makeup for Homestcuk cosplay?

Soooo I plan on doing my first homestuck cosplay (something i never thought id do in a million years lol) with my friend. Im going as Gamzee and he is gonna be Eridan.
Ive been looking at some tutorials and searching the web for what makeup we should use and Im just curious as to what anyone would reccomend
Ive been seeing a lot about Ben Nye but Ive also noticed people say you have to mix the grey and white and but like 4 things of it which I dont really have the money for.
Ive also been seeing some about Mehron and Snazaroo?
Im just looking for something that will last all day at a con and look good.
Also just wondering if the makeup I use for my face can also be applied to my arms and neck or if I need to buy anything different and if there are any sealer spray or powder I should buy as well?

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