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I finished reading the Fruits Basket manga a few minutes ago (yes, I know I'm late to the party..) and I must say I was surprised how good it got in the end! Normally shoujo manga doesn't catch my eyes at all.. but I've had some slight interest in Fruits Basket for some time because I thought the zodiac concept was interesting. Oh well, when one of my con friends told me I should cosplay as Kazuma and showed me a picture of him I went "looks cool" (mainly because he wore kimono. I <3 kimono xD) and decided to start reading the manga some days after that, mainly just to find out about this character.
Honestly, at the first 4 volumes I considered dropping it because I found all characters except Kyo, Tohru and Hatori (and occasionally Yuki and Shigure) extremely annoying. But something still kept me reading it.. and now when I just finished Furuba I must say I'm glad that I didn't drop it because the story sure got a lot more interesting at the later volumes and the characters developed and stopped getting on my nerves as much, haha.

Oh well, I must say my favorite is Kazuma followed by Kureno and Hatori. I also liked Kyo, but Kazuma is the best. <3 Now I want to cosplay Kazuma and Kureno next year but I fear people won't recognize me if I don't have a Fruits Basket group because the character designs are rather.. generic. I already have a prop bird plushie I could use for Kureno (bought it years ago because I really like birds) but when I do Kazuma I would need someone to be Kyo for people to recognize who I'm supposed to be.. otherwise I think most people will just think "random kimono dude" when they see me I guess. XD If I carried Kyo's bracelet when alone I think that could help with getting recognized though..

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