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@ FinalEva-

Workout: I can understand being too busy more of the time, but maybe when things slow down you can try that. As for customers, it seems like a lot of people like to complain even when they don't really have a reason or the right to. There's not much you can do about it but smile and ignore them I guess. That's great that you didn't gain as much weight as you thought!! Keep up the good work.

Fiberglass: As for Wreck it Ralph, maybe we could go when we come visit? I wouldn't mind seeing it again. I am sure we can find a theater that has late showings. As for asking questions about wigs and applique, that's totally okay with me! Do you need me to bring anything?

Mornings: Same here. ^^;

Props: Wow, making paperclay looks like a crazy process!! Thanks for the link though. As for your Duke sword, can you make a frog for it so you don't have to carry it?

Upcoming projects: Honestly for the sheaths, so long as the sword fits and it looks good, I don't think it's a process that needs over complicating. I think wonderflex is sturdy enough to hold a sword too, so it should work very well for Cecil. As for the garden, I sure hope so too!! It is lovely.

Terra shoot and dress: Ha ha yeah squinting looks a bit silly in photos and I have a tough time doing the "1,2,3, open your eyes!" thing... I am just blinded by white light. Personally I like the way photos come out on a cloudy day. As for experimenting with lighting, that sounds great!! As for the snow shoot, I think people will think we are nuts!! But I don't care. Speaking of the organza flowers and cape, I am not sure I will be able to have that part of the costume finished by the time we do the snow shoot. Maybe we can fins clever ways to hide that they aren't there. Or if it doesn't matter, maybe we can just do another shoot if we desperately need to. Your call. I will do my best to have everything done though. As for the earring, I will try again this weekend.

I actually didn't do too bad this holiday break. I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but that's okay too. My SS harp is almost finished, I made the bracelets and I am almost finished with a TP Zelda armor commission, so yeah not bad. I plan on working on Skullomania this weekend too. I hope you will get the chance to work on your stuff soon too.

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