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Originally Posted by Tomecko View Post
I'm still looking for a solution to a problem I asked about on page 81 of this thread - months later, I am still unable to upload my entire info section on one of my costumes. I can upload about 2 or 3 paragraphs, but if I add any more than that, it takes me to a '500 Internal Server Error' page and tells me to contact the, which is not an email address that exists.

Is there any solution to this yet? A user posted several pages ago about how erasing her info, submitting a page with only a comma on it, and then rewriting it worked for her, but it doesn't for me. This has only happened with one costume (KHII Kairi), the others are fine.
Now I'm getting this, too. Does anyone know the solution?

EDIT: I deleted a paragraph about my headset and there's no more error. o.o

EDIT2: I found out it's this sentence that causes the error: "The red lights are EL buttons that work with one converter and a two-way splitter, and the blue lights are one single EL wire." No idea why. There you go.

So I guess if you get this error, start randomly deleting paragraphs in order and then, when you find the faulty one, go sentence by sentence and you'll find out what the server doesn't like.
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