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honestly, aside from the pre-reg line (which I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing about by now) I have to say the biggest problems I had involved finding my way from event to event, being that the pre-reg didn't have the booklets and such and apparently what we had printed off the computer was inaccurate. I would just suggest more signs and possibly to have the booklets available at the pre-reg.
I also found that, although most of the other cosplayers/con-goers were polite to the staff, it was disappointing to hear the volunteers getting freaked out on about the pre-reg. I mean yeah, we were all upset, but there was no need to shout at people who were just doing what they were told. At one point I thought the one volunteer was going to cry because the one mother was screaming and swearing at her. I think in that situation the volunteer should've had more help, that way things might not have gotten out of hand. It was disappointing to see and I felt so bad for the volunteer. Things happen and it can't be helped at the time. Maybe next year it will be better, but there was no need for name calling and such.

One of the main problems I had were people smoking in the line ups, especially the lines to the after hours events. I have no problem with smokers, but I am extremely asthmetic, so it made it really hard to stay in those lines. I understand that its hard to crack down on something like that, but perhaps if there was a smoking area for them to go to and have their spots in line held or something it would be different.

Now on to the good stuff. Once I figured out where I was going and what I was doing from place to place I had an awesome time. The events were well run and awesome, the staff was polite and did their best to be helpful(or at least the ones I saw were). I wish the dealers' room had more room to move around, but it was still good and had a lot of things that I adored.
the after events were great, loved the bands that were brought in, and the dance was as fun as always.
I loved that the volunteers tried to keep us occupied at the autograph line ups with bubbles. I loved the guest line up, as well.

Overall I would say the convention, aside from a few minor setbacks, was still awesome. I'm glad it wasn't as overcrowded as in previous years and I was definitely glad to see more garbage bins around.

I wonder if it would be possible next year to have a distinct sign or something to break up the two outdoor lines (the registry and entry lines) because it was difficult to find anyone with information about which line was which, where lines ended, that sort of thing.

that's my two cents.
Looking forward to AN next year
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