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Again I come to think: We surely live too far apart, Blood_Sword, as I just happened to cosplay Kyo this year and somehow really enjoyed that cos (although I'm still tempted to cosplay Shigure one day too). Kazuma would be really awesome to cosplay with. o.o
I have to admit I still haven't finished the manga yet. -.-'' Somehow I don't manage to...
Some years back I watched the anime lured to do so by the zodiac theme as well and fell in love with Shigure and Kyo... Early this year someone suggested cosplaying from it... and I somehow liked the idea though I had never really thought about it before. I started reading the manga but well time's short... have to continue it soon I guess.^^

Besides I was kinda surprised what ppl reconised. Ok, Kyo's a protagonist. But I'd not have thought someone would recognise him in school uniform (or pyjamas as friends were calling my outfit xD).
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