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I actually just cosplayed Tomoe (long hair version from the past) a week ago. Someone recognized me and asked for a photo which was unexpected. I didn't think anyone would know who I was. After looking at pages of his clothing, I decided to use an under kosode in plain white, another kosode with a pattern, both tucked into a pair of black hakama. Over that I wore a knee length kosode that I draped over my shoulders. I also had a pair of waraji that I wore with tabi. I forgot until the last minute about the claws so I had to do with out.

The biggest problem I had was with the wig. The ears I made for it (clip-in) were fine, but the wig itself was a pain to wear, it tangled so easily. I used a butt length wig from arda, and the hour and a half I spent in that cosplay was too long. It also killed my peripheral vision because I was too afraid to cut in his bangs into the wig so I left it long.

Hopefully that helps Ani_BEE. His past outfit was hard to figure out, since no picture actually showed the whole thing really well. His tail I ended up not using, becuase it looked really...weird under the kosode, and he doesn't seem to have it half the time anyway. Sorry for such a long post
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