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I am actually really pleasantly surprised by the demo, I also went in with zero expectation of enjoying myself. My only real complaints are that it's extremely easy, even on Son of Sparda, and the lack of a lock on.

The game's difficulty is ironically lowered for me by one of the things I like most about the new system, the mobility. I absolutely adore how mobile new Dante is. Angel Dash, air dodge, Air Hike, 2 types of grapples, ground dodge, and an aerial dash attack similar to Nero's Air Streak on a Chakram type weapon demoed on the latest stream... there's really no excuse for getting hit except getting greedy with your attack strings.

The lack of a lock on is especially absurd right now seeing as L1 and R1 do exactly the same thing... If there is some use that wasn't available in the demo that will be assigned to L1 then fine, as it is now, not acceptable.
The new dedicated buttons and holding triggers for switching styles takes some getting used to but it doesn't bother me, the real reason I want a lock function is for the grapple system and because it opens up more available input combinations for additional moves. I can't tell you how many times I've grabbed or pulled myself towards the wrong enemy when there happens to be a grouping. Locking on to an enemy would eliminate that ever happening and would give access to inputs based on the 4 directions. More inputs>more moves>more style.

The air combat is ridiculous on the level that it is now; it is also another aspect that significantly reduces difficulty. Not much threat when all I have to do is launch>combo>jump cancel>grab>combo>repeat till death. Not gonna lie though, Helm Splitter>jc>Rake>repeat is stupid funny. The best way I can think to balance it without removing jump cancels, which have been a fun little mechanic for a while now, is to limit the amount of Roulette Spins and Double Ups until you touch the ground. Though I suppose it really wouldn't fix anything since enemy hopping has always counted as touching the ground... I'unno.

Music is really more about personal choice, and while I do dig electronic music including some dubstep, it really doesn't fit that part of the game.

I'm definitely with you on it not feeling like a traditional DMC, but from the very beginning what about this game has?
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