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Originally Posted by bunny_Bri View Post
Patternmaking for Fashion Design

It's a text book used in a couple different fashion schools, including my own, FIDM.
Do you have the 5th edition? How is menswear covered in it? Is it only one chapter? (Is that chapter short or substantial?) Is men's fitting and measurements discussed throughout the book or just in that one chapter?

I have the 3rd edition of this textbook, which was current way back when I took patternmaking in community college. Unfortunately, it had absolutely no mention of men's patterning and tailoring. It was all women's patterns except for a supposedly "unisex" section on pants which wasn't really unisex at all. (I tried drafting from it and So while the pattern manipulation concepts in it are really good, it's usefulness for me personally was very limited in terms of slopers and fitting. I rarely use it unless I'm making something very weird.

I heard from a friend about the updates to the 5th edition, so I'm contemplating getting it. I'm digging for reviews and more info before I dish out the money though, since it's sold at textbook prices.
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