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Hetalia Cosplay Gathering at ALA 2013 [UPDATE]

Hachiko27 needed someone to take over her Hetalia Gathering thread for ALA 2013, so this is the new thread. Shokora did a good job organizing, updating, and hosting the gathering last year.

Please post who you will cosplay and photo suggestions. We can have more hosts, too. I will try to update the information as much as I can.

Host: XHetalianHeroX, Red_heat

Date: Sunday, January 6, 2013 (Day 3)
Time: 1:00 P.M. (after the Ask a Nation Panel, which is from 11:15 A.M.-12:15 P.M.)
Place: The Pool Deck


Major Axis
  • Germany: XHetalianHeroX, Resident-chick (fem)?
  • North Italy: AbidingAngel (Gondolier chibi), Hachiko27, Getheyon?
Major Allies
  • America: Jazmin.kitsurag, Red_Heat (modern warfare)
  • Canada: Jazmin.kitsurag's friend, Kagero13's daughter (fem)
  • China: AmberStar4Life, MagicianCelemis
  • England: Rosetylerthebad?, Rinyamato2690 (2P)?
  • France: Animenerd93 (fem Austrian War), Stitchez (WWII)
  • Russia: kyoko_TOKO's girlfriend (raver), Shadowdragon13's brother (Hunger Games crossover)
  • Austria: Kagero13 (fem)
  • Greece: SirenaBlack?, kyoko_TOKO (military)
  • Hungary: ThatFreakyNerd
  • Iceland: Deru-Wisper?, Hetalia-Chan (sailor)
  • Panda: AmberStar4Life's friend
  • Prussia: Deru-Wisper (War of Austrian Succession)?, Jazmin.kitsurag?, Rinyamato2690, Tatooed Fujoshi (Hetaween)
  • Seychelles: Stitchez' sister
  • South Italy: Rinyamato2690?, Tokio Amarfi (drunk), Karuka ikashi (teen)
  • Taiwan: Mscasp
  • Ukraine: Shadowdragon13 (Hunger Games crossover)
Photo List: This is subject to change. I'm splitting Europe into East and West because it's a big group and hard to get into one picture.
  • Group shot
  • Axis: Germany, Italy, Japan
  • Allies: America, Canada, England, France, Russia, China
  • West Europe: Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Lichtenstein
  • East Europe: Poland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • Asia: Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North and South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines
  • Americas: America, Canada, Cuba, Mexico
  • Africa: Egypt, Seychelles
  • Australia and others: Australia
  • Ancients/ past: Ancient Rome, Germania
  • Micronations: Sealand, Prussia
  • Nordics: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland
  • Soviet Union: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
  • Mediterranean: Italy, South Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, France
  • Bad Friends Trio: Prussia, France, Spain
  • F.A.C.E. family:
  • Empires and colonies: France, America, Canada, England
  • Nyotalia and 2P
  • Axis vs. Allies: Germany, Italy, Japan, America, Canada, England, France, Russia, China
  • American Revolution: America vs. England
We will take requests and suggestions for other photo shoots at the cosplay gathering. We also plan to have games and other activities afterwards.
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