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Originally Posted by TeaForThought View Post
This sounds like...a "To Grell....or not to Grell?"

Have you considered doing his butler uniform instead? That way you wouldn't be as flamboyant but still be recognized. Just a thought. Ah..but besides that..go for it..only you know who you want to cosplay and it is about having fun
Hahaha. That's what I was about to make the title, actually.

I never even thought of that. That's a great idea though. I'll consider that. Haha, thank you!

Originally Posted by Mehdia View Post
I always say cosplay who you want and don't care about popularity or running into other cosplayers. I also am the kind that doesn't care if someone is acting in character when they aren't posing for a picture, so don't worry so much about being an introvert. Just cosplay Grell if you love the character and want to be him.
Thank you so much. Ah, yeah, that's true, I suppose.
I think I'll most likely be him.

Thank you!
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