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Originally Posted by Zaiten View Post
I had a question for you wonderful Sailor Moon cosplayers out there, how did you pick your senshi? (Or other character, hehe.) Where they your favorite? Did you look like them? I'm curious because because I'm having trouble picking who I want to be and would love to see how others picked theirs.
Personally, I chose Mercury she was historically my favorite for being smart and sweet, and because her color is blue, which is my favorite. I could just as easily have chosen another for other reasons though, and in fact thought about Pluto for being the tallest, oldest, and arguably most powerful (Time-stopping, yo). Ended up going with Mercury though for the attachment of being my original favorite and because I didn't feel like messing with that big of a wig and with making a staff (A cop-out, I know, but hey, maybe some day).

People choose for wildly different reasons really, be it character design, favorite character, physical similarities, being the last one to choose in a group, etc. I guess if I were to advise you, I would choose your favorite or the one you best relate to. If you don't really have a "favorite" off hand, then choose the one you remember best originally liking like I did with Mercury. If you still can't choose, do tiebreaker on color. Either that or ease of construction. If you can do one of them with your normal hair, for example, that would save a lot of time and money on a wig.

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