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Originally Posted by Hcoregamer00 View Post
I was so happy when you got the 5D Mk3 and the 24-70L II.

It was funny since we talked about it in Yaoi-con, and you actually did it a few days afterwards, LOL. I am a photographer's worst nightmare, I talk people into buying more gear.
Haha, yeah. I had been debating awhile what camera to upgrade to because I had outgrown my entry level. The main thing that pushed me over was those ebay deals that BeachCamera, B&H, and adorama were having, seeing it on sale = purchased lol...

Originally Posted by nathancarter View Post
My funds were headed for a fantastic deal on a '79 Mercedes 450SL, and my wife talked me into the 5D3 instead.
Most wives/girlfriends would say no to buying new toys, lol
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