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Thank you! I can't wait to get started on it. But that probably won't be happening until middle of winter of something. Hahaha. Gotta finish other cosplays for another con that I'll be attending.

I really want to go tothe 2013 because I have no idea if I'll be able to truly attend in 2014. I might just take the risk and go the one in 2013. 8D;; NOW, just to attract some of my cosplaying friends to go with me down there to keep me from being lonely. >>;;

:3 Yesssss <3 More to come to Fanime because that's where a lot of you lovely cosplayers are meeting up it seems. Hahaha. So I gotta fly out of here to meet you all! Love Twelve Kingdoms so much. <3

I would love to see either! Yes, I hope you bring Sarin/Enki if I come to Fanime 2013.

And yes, I will try my best to post some. Typically I don't take pictures of my cosplay in progress because I always try to finish them in one go, HOWEVER I know I will not have that much time to do Kyou-ou in 24 hours or less. LOL Because it'll be hard work. LOL

:3 Can't wait to start on her! <3
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