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Originally Posted by SukishoIsLove View Post
Start Weight: 185 lbs
Current Weight: 162 lbs
Goal Weight: 140 lbs -150 lbs

When the needle on my scale went down past 170 into the 160's for the first time, I was so shocked I got off the scale and re-weighed myself XD
Start Weight: 185lbs
Current Weight: 152-4(goes up and down during the day)lbs
Goal Weight: 140lbs-150lbs (getting close )

I was put on meds for a thyroid problem in 2008/2009, I'm finally getting the right dose, I do think that they're are helping with my weight loss. I have hypothyroidism which makes you gain weight easily and makes it very hard to lose.

I would probably lose more if I exercised, but I just hate it. Changing my diet is the easiest lol
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