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Originally Posted by iPhanner View Post
Hello to the Cosplay Community. As you may know, this is a Weight Loss post. A little bit of myself...

I am 18 years old currently, and weigh in approximately 235 lbs. I am 5"5-5"6, and Asian mix. I don't look my weight, trust me. I look like I SHOULD be around 160lbs.

I am planning to cross-play as just a Korean Male Popstar, and in order to do so I have to be 75 lbs less than I am now.

I had had enough of my overweight issues. I WANT to DO something about it, but there's so many things that limit me, and it brings down my motivation bar.
Besides not having a job, what is limiting you? And you don't need money to lose weight lol. Though it does make it easier to buy your own food, it's far from impossible.

I have no job, no money. I am a recent high school graduate so I am starting my Spring Term on Jan. 22nd. It's a plus for me to go to college since I won't be eating or indulging on 'school grubs' like they served back at the districts. There's a Subways in my college, and I'm not staying in the dorms. [Hope that Freshmen 15 doesn't count for me negatively.]
Not to be a debbie downer, but college food is just as bad lol. But are your planning on getting a job while you go to school? (I'm just curious as to how you will pay for subway. Will someone give you money?)

I have never lost so much weight in so little time, but I want to think BIG on the weight loss.

My main goal: 75lbs from now until 2013 May 31st. [Going to A-kon 2013 in Dallas, TX.]
Current Goal: Getting rid of 35 lbs so I'm not over the 200 range anymore.
Small goals are great way to keep on track, so it's a good idea to focus on losing 35 pounds. But anyway, you really shouldn't lose more than 2 pounds per week (You may see more in the beginning, and this is totally normal). Anything more than that is not safe.

...Please help me.
It's not only for the crossplay.
I hate looking at myself in the mirror so much, or not being able to shop for clothes that aren't size 16 jeans or a XXL shirt.
What can I do?

Thank you for reading this. >__ <; Appreciate your time.
But anyway, on to actually advice. For every person I have met ever, that lost serious weight the only way to do it was the burn more calories than what you eat. As I'm no doctor I'm not going to tell you how many calories you should, other than it's never safe to eat less than 1200 in a day. It really helps to keep track of what you're eating to stay on well... track lol
A site I personally like is called
But make sure when you log you food, whether it's online or just on paper, you are taking accurate measurements. You'd be surprised at how much you're actually eating versus the recommended serving size.

It's not fun, fast, and it's really hard to notice the change at first. I recommend taking before and after pictures. I seriously couldn't tell the difference until I compared some and it was like whoa!

Remember that this is a lifestyle change. You cannot "diet" get the body you want and go back to your ways! It's not scary though, if you succeed in losing all the weigh you want you'll have problem gotten used to eating smaller and better.

Oh and most importantly, exercise! Seriously, you may get to the weight you desire but you will look 1000x better if you build some muscle! You don't have the look like the Hulk when you build muscles either lol
But a toned stomach looks much better than a flat flabby one.
(And no, you don't need a gym membership to exercise. Go for a run, buy small hand weights and use a dvd! Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and Ripped in 30 are pretty god imo)
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