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Free Photographer available

Hello everyone, If anyone is looking for a photographer for Katsucon 2013, I will be available all 3 days of the conventions. I will be leaving around 3 pm on Sunday, so that will be my latest shoot. I am willing to take pictures indoors and outdoors, which ever works for you. Anytime day or night is available, so let me know. If you can give the name of the series and character or characters if more then one person is involved, I will do my best to play the game or watch some of the series to get some ideas but if you have your own, that's great too.

I know cons are expensive as it is and Im still learning new stuff every day so my photoshoots will be free.. I usually will have you the photos within 2 weeks depending on whats going on with school and how many shoots are booked.. 4 weeks would be the most. You will usually get 10-15 edited shots. if its a bigger group, there will probably be more shots put online. Ill send you a link as soon as pictures are up.

Thurs is available upon request, but i usually don't get into to the area to around 7pm. You can find examples of some of my work here.

7pm: Studio Eingana Silent Hill Nurse

8pm:Sistercacao Cosplay Fujiko Mine from Lupin III

7am-8am:Casey Ann Torrissi Juliet (Lollipop chainsaw)

9am-10am: Studio Eingana Assassins Creed

10:30am-11:30am Terumi Hana Kaede (tiger and bunny)

12-1pm:Sistercacao Cosplay Harley Quinn

2pm-3pm: Selene Hino Female school Grimmjow

4pm-5:00pm:Angelica Sori on facebook: Soul Eater shoot

7:00-8:00pm: Brittany Waddy sengoku basara Kasuga


8-9am:CosplayJelly Undecided

9:00am-10:00AM ShadowyMagix Female Version of Dave from Homestuck

11:00am-12:00pm:Barri Shrager Asuka and Mari from Evangelion

12-1pm:Selene Hino Lady from Devil may cry 3

1:30-2:00pm:Jillian Ryan Rainbow Dash

2:30-3:30pm Karina K Project shoot

4-5pm: girlswithcomics Sailor V

5-6pm: Tsuki_Hime resident evil

6:30-7:30pm S.K. Cosplay and Chris Rosario(FB) Assassins creed (2people)

8:00pm-9:00pm joelle.scarnati Kirino Kousaka from 'Oreimo'

9:45pm Brittany Waddy Makoto Nanaya from blazblue

1pm: LadyIkaeri Esmeralda- The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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