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Disney Cosplay Gathering 2013!

Greetings dudes and ladies,

This thread is for a Disney Gathering for the 2013 convention! Anyone cosplaying as a character from Disney movies, tv shows, games, etc please submit the following information in order for an attendance list to be formed:




This is in fact the first gathering I have attempted to coordinate. The more people we can get the better! Don't have a Disney cosplay or just love to see and take photos of your favorite Disney characters? Come on through!

We are listed on the official gathering thread for Friday at 4pm at the pool deck!

Hope to see you there guys! (Geez, I hope Mr. Pines doesn't dock me for skipping out)

Here is the list of those attending, more will be added as more people reply:

Soos - Soos

Ecco - Wendy from Gravity Falls

zulma aka jenovarikku - Belle (Yellow Gown)

livengood - Taffyta Muttonfudge w/friend possibly as Candlehead

Poody - Rancis

tehravingalice - Nemo (she pointed out she would be in the pool)

G-Force - Kuzco (if he is able to make it)

Portal Jumper & Friends - Characteres from Twisted Princess

rj sosongco - Rufio (cuz Rufio is awesome lol)

Getheyon - Tinkerbell
w/mom as Cruella De Vil, and friends as Peter Pan and Wendy

dragunov23 - Wreck It Ralph (maybe)

Left 4 Pillz - Wreck It Ralph

AmaraSan - Ariel (maybe)

aninjess3 - Vanellope von Schweetz

MelodicMadness - Esmerelda (Maybe)

Flyawayskyx3 - Taffyta Muttonfudge with friend as Candlehead

DemonCatAttacks - Flynn and Rapunzel Wedding Clothes (Maybe)

RokanaKatsebaki - Wendy from Gravity Falls

KitMaxwell and Friends - Mad T Party Band (Maybe)

Catcrissy - Vanellope Von Schweetz

cfitz - Vanellope Von Schweetz

Wobniar - Taffyta Muttonfudge

Star Assassin - Fix It Felix w/ boyfriend as Wreck It Ralph

karanawolfy - Tyler The cute biker

Ash: Calhoun (Formal)
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