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Sorry was busy yesterday, but I did back on Friday. Started out with deadlift...

Deadlift- No straps on these lifts, normally I do use straps once I get over 225, but I had forgot mine at home. So today I got my grip training in lol. I did remember my belt though.

3x275 This ends the warm up...
2 sets of 2 at 315 I did 2 sets because the 1st did not feel right form wise and did not want to go up further in weight until I locked it in. Fortunately a fellow trainer was watching me at this point and corrected me. Hey we all need that outside view sometimes lol.

And 5 sets at 355 for 2 reps each.

I did not want to go any further in weight, form was locked and good, but I was going for as many sets as I could get. I took longer rests between each set approximately 2 minutes. Once you get higher in the weight of deadlift you start to get that queezy feeling because your overloading your central nervous system. As long as you breathe though, ya won't pass out... like this guy lol

Lat Pull Down

4 sets at 150

I normally work at a higher weight here but still shaking off the illness of last week and deadlift was super taxing on me.

One arm Dumbell Row

3 sets of 6-8 on 80

These showed me just how wasted I was, normally I do the 100s no problem but today I was just spent by the time I reached them.

In the evening I returned for 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, a mix of running and walking at a high set incline. My goal in my cardio is to get in and get out, burn some fat but not go overboard as I am tying to bulk. And so while I want to do fat burning cardio I do not want to burn all the calories needed for me to gain size. I finished with some kick drills on the heavy bag.

This morning(Saturday) I will we doing a make up cardio day, I had to skip a session during the week so I will have to do it this morning. More than likely it will be stairmaster to still work legs and glutes while burning fat.

Arbite, what did you come down with? I had the flu, I practically did not eat for 3 days last week so this week I have been slow going. It seems everyone is coming down with something. When you do your good mornings, are you working with just the bar? Or are you in a squat rack with a catch set up? I have never been a fan of them but I do them begrudgingly. When I do them, I make sure to set the catch bars in the squat rack just for a safety at the right height for me.
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