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~WEEK 1~

Height: 5'4
Age: Teenager(In Highschool)
Start: 134 pounds 61.9kg
Current: 134 pounds 61.9kg
Goal: 120 pounds 54.6kg
Current status: Vegan.

Before I use to weight 161 pounds at the summer of 2011(I was 5'0 so I was in TERRIBLY CONDITIONS.)
But, I did something I wasn't suppose to do when I started to lose weight...Yes...I starved myself. It did pay dearly but I don't want to go into details. Bottom line is that I lost over 30 pounds that summer.
The next summer(Summer of 2012) I was back to 134 but after starving myself again(Yes,Iknow...Bad...) I was down to 124.
But, it fired back when school started.
I gained 10 pounds and this time, I'm actually going to work for it. I'm actually going to have a PROPER DIET and a nice WORKOUT!
I plan to reach 120 by next January or February. If by then I reach my goal, I'll start toning up!
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